Wedding Planning: Where do we start?

Wedding Plans: Where Do We Start? So, you’re engaged, it’s time to start planning the most exciting day of your lives, but amongst all the excitement, planning a wedding may start to feel daunting and it can be difficult to know where to start! Our Wedding and Events Manager, Shannon, has a [...]

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Eco-Friendly Weddings

Eco-Friendly Weddings As we become increasingly aware of the effect we have on the environment, there is an ever-growing interest in the idea of green and eco-friendly weddings. At first, the idea might seem difficult or suggest a toned down event, but low waste weddings don’t have to be low-key! Our shoot with [...]

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Seven Photo Opportunities at The White Hart Inn

Seven Photo Opportunities at The White Hart Inn On your wedding day, Wedding Photography is one of the most important features as it is something that you will look back on with fondness for generations to come, so picking the right photographer is crucial. Moreover, The White [...]

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