The White Hart: Top 5 Locations for Wedding Day Photo’s

Getting the most beautiful photograph’s is one of the most essential parts of your special day as they’ll stay with you forever. From The Archway to the Telephone Boxes, The White Hart Inn has a range of eye-capturing Derbyshire Countryside locations with idyllic backdrops that will guarantee perfect photograph’s for all newly-wedded couples.

e have selected our Top 5 Locations (in no particular order) at The White Hart Inn for the most special wedding photo’s.

  1. “Down By The Pond”…

We have one of the most elegant locations to share your memories of your special day… Down by the pond. This stunning setting offers something extra special with a beautiful background of the Derbyshire countryside and gorgeous water reflections. Perfect for the weather all year round. This graceful location will provide you with a gorgeous wedding photograph, which will stay with you forever.


(Image by AdenPhoto)

As shown in the images above, I’m sure that you’d agree that the setting is truly stunning and you can rely on the location to provide beautiful photographs of your special day.

  1. “The Archway”…

A favourite with most couples, this location promises to provide you with the most exquisite images to take away from your big day. Whether it’s a single shot of the newly-wedded bride and groom or a wide family shot, this location truly captures the most wonderful images.


(Image by Total Weddings Photography)


(Image by Gareth Newstead Photography)

  1. “The Telephone Boxes”…

Our telephone box is a prime spot for beautiful photography! With this setting, it promises to be a “one-of-a-kind” image to take away from your special day. Being situated in our countryside hideaway, you can gain such incredible portraits with our original rustic telephone box located on the lane of our wedding venue, as well as our renewed exclusive telephone box which is located just outside the Moorwood Suite.


(Image by Caitlin & Jones Photography)


(Image by Matt Moore Photography)

  1. “The Gravel Path”…

The gravel path has turned out to be one of the most effective in gathering such stunning images over the years for our couples. From snowy conditions, to the blazing sun, this setting promises not to disappoint – with breathtaking views of the Derbyshire hilltops and the hanging fresh greens of the dales adding to the vibrant background.


(Image by Aden Photo’s)


(Image by Keith Woods Wedding Events)

  1. “Down The Lane”…

This natural setting outside of our wedding venue is a priceless quiet retreat away from the wedding party. From sunshine strolls across the lane to a telephone box, this stunning location will add to your memorable shots to look back on for years to come. This is certainly one of our most idyllic settings that we have to offer for our new couples.


(Image by Chris Smith Photography)


(Image by Emily Horton Photography)


If you’re planning on getting your wedding booked with us here at The White Hart Inn, you most certainly will gain the most amazing and memorable photographs to take away from your special day.