Only Unlucky For Some… Not For You


 Superstition has been plaguing people for hundreds of years. With everything from walking under ladders or cracks in the road to throwing salt over your left shoulder to strike evil spirits.

Slowly superstitions are being diminished… you don’t still believe your neighbour with the black cat is a witch!

 We think you can turn the tables on the supposed unlucky Friday 13th and make it the most special day of your life.

Here are four advantages to tying the knot on a Friday 13th…

One To Remember

• The most obvious reason is no one will forget your wedding date. (Including your future partner on anniversaries!) Your guests won’t need to keep checking back on their invitation to remember the date, as soon as they receive the beautiful invitation… they will remember! Also meaning the likelihood of guests being double booked is drastically reduced.

Generous Vendor Discounts

• With the date being not so sought after, (may we add many do still marry on Friday the 13th and live happily ever after!) this frees up your preferred vendors. Whether that be your ideal make-up artist, photographer or cake supplier, they are more likely to be available on your special date. They also often offer very hefty discounts on Friday 13th as well so you could save a bundle!

The Theme

• Be creative. Be quirky and have the most unique wedding day that your guests will ever attend.

A Friday 13th wedding allows you to let your imagination run wild and create a truly unforgettable day. Why not enter your ceremony under an elegantly dressed set of ladders? Or maybe a horse shoe arch?

Hand out tarot cards as your wedding favours, have four-leaf clovers as decoration for your bridesmaid bouquets?

Or maybe have beautiful open umbrellas as your centre pieces… The possibilities for fun and interest are endless!



• Fridays are normally celebrated nation-wide. In a Monday – Friday profession, Friday is the day everyone works for… your wedding day is no different! It may also help you afford a weekend wedding that you’d dreamed of.


Photography: Jenna Perfette Photography

Photography: KLK Photography

To begin your good luck for your Friday 13th wedding day, we’re giving you 13  hundred pounds off the venue hire!

A huge discount for a Friday wedding in the summer of 2018!

The date we have left in 2018 is:

Friday 13th July 2018

If you’d like to leave the luck of your wedding day to our very capable hands and not down to superstition…

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