Back in October, we welcomed Tash and Josh to The White Hart for their wedding day and it did not disappoint. Their day was teeming with personal twists and meaningful details, with a sprinkling of rock and roll! They put together lots of the decor themselves and Tash rocked a personalised leather jacket all day, adding to the uniqueness of their day.

We caught up with Tash to hear all about what went into their wedding planning and the highlights of their day.

1. How did you and your partner meet? 

‘We met just over five years ago in 2015. I used to work in a little shop in Belper, Josh was one of my best customers and would regularly visit.

As time passed, I began to notice he was visiting the shop more often for “a chat”…little did I know he was plucking up the courage to ask me out on a date. One particular day, he came into the shop looking particularly sheepish and asked me out for a drink.

I think he was a little surprised when I agreed and we ended up having our first date on a pub karaoke night. It was great fun!’

2. What was your inspiration for your wedding day styling and theme?

‘We have always loved the idea of an autumnal wedding. The falling leaves, the bright orange and red hues of the season, and of course…pumpkins!

We also wanted to incorporate our shared love for rock n’ roll. The White Hart provided us with the perfect backdrop for this and it fit into our theme nicely. I always knew that I wanted to walk down the isle wearing a black dress and a signature leather jacket, and Josh had always wanted to wear a Peaky Blinder-inspired suit.

A very eclectic mix of all the things that we love. For the decor, I hand painted some little easels with our favourite bands and used these as table names. We also sourced lots of pumpkins, acorns and autumn leaves and scattered these throughout the venue. On our cake table, we also found two little black cat tea lights, so our cats could be with us in spirit on the day. We wanted to make this day personal for us, and did most of the decor ourselves.’

3. What made you choose the White Hart?

‘We’d been engaged for a long time, and visited many potential venues to host our big day, but none seem to give a particular “wow” factor. We also found that many were over our budget and a little too pretentious.

My beauty therapist had recently got married at The White Hart and she fully recommended we visit it to have a look. One day, we stopped by for a drink and were sold. We liked how secluded it was; a real rustic hidden gem.

We also loved how you could create a truly bespoke wedding package to suit your budget – no frills, no fuss, just how you would like it.

The staff were so accommodating and passionate. Nothing was ever too much trouble. We both have big families and having the hotel next door to the venue was also very handy for our guests.’

4. Which suppliers did you use?

5. Are there any tips you’d give to couples planning their wedding? 

‘Set yourself an initial budget, and decide between the two of you…what the most important things you want for your wedding. Even if you find you go over budget slightly, you can still keep an eye on how much you are spending.

And last and most importantly, not least, don’t stress about the small things! At the end of the day, all that matters is that you and your newly beloved. Who cares if things don’t go quite to plan? Your wedding day will go surprisingly quickly. Take it all in and allocate a few moments alone with you and your partner during the day to soak it all in- the atmosphere, the love and laughter. Trust us, it’s worth it!’

6. Finally, is there anything you’d change about your day?

‘Not at all. We wish we could re-live the day again. It was magical. Originally we were booked to be married October 2020 but due to the Covid restrictions surrounding the global pandemic, we decided to postpone…I’m so glad we did! The weather we had for this year was gloriously sunny!’