A last minute winter wedding…

So the big question has been asked and now its time to start planning your special day.

Are you thinking of booking a last minute wedding winter wedding but daunted by the obstacles that you may face along the way?

If so we’ve put together a list of all the lovely positive things that come with an out-of-season wedding which will hopefully encourage you to take the next step in planning your perfect day.


• First things first, a last minute winter wedding will save you a bundle! Wedding venues have discounted prices and offers to tempt you and they’re usually worth a look. If you have a tight budget but have already fallen in love with a venue this could be your perfect solution.

Wedding Suppliers

• The cost of wedding suppliers is also often dramatically reduced and they’ll be more likely to haggle with pricing. Any good supplier will provide assistance and as much help as you need when time isn’t on your side!

Be Picky

• Out of season weddings mean that you get first pick of suppliers, and a higher possibility of them being available on your special day. If you have a specific theme in mind the chances of your preferred venue dresser being able to transform your venue is far more likely.


• The longer period of time you have to plan your big day, the more carried away you can get and it can take over every day life. With a last minute wedding you have to make decisions without over-thinking and it keeps you grounded and focus on what is important on the day.

Be Unique

• A winter wedding gives you the opportunity to stand out and be creative. There is so much you can do with a winter theme. News feeds are full of summer brides so your wedding pictures will be completely distinctive.

British Weather

• This can be a make or break decision when booking a wedding, unfortunately the weather is the only thing we can’t guarantee on your big day. With a winter wedding there won’t be any failed expectations and its quite remarkable how beautiful the countryside looks this time of year. Another aspect to take into consideration is that 80% of your day is spent inside the venue. The amount of time spent outside is totally down to personal choice and not always a necessity – some venues don’t even have an outdoors!


• If you’re planning on having a honeymoon right after you’ve tied the knot, the chances are that within these winter months your travel expenses will also be greatly reduced.


• The probability of guests being able to attend your wedding is higher as family vacations are less likely, nor will they be choosing between attending yours or someone else’s wedding day.


• With the nights drawing in much earlier over the winter months its the perfect opportunity to take advantage of creating a much more intimate atmosphere with mood lighting, candles and festive food and drinks. Mood lighting being particularly beautiful for the wedding photos!

Comfort Food

• Winter comfort food allows for over-indulgence, rich foods and hot chocolate. Particularly if arriving in the crisp country air, a nice warming glass of mulled wine will be a very welcome and unique reception drink. You can’t spend your entire day with everyone making sure they’re enjoying themselves, so a certain way of pleasing everyone is with flavours of warming winter dishes. Your guests won’t be leaving hungry or dissatisfied.

The Details

• We all know how hard it is to maintain perfect make-up in summer. With less humidity and summer heat you can guarantee your make-up is more likely to remain flawless (excusing a few tears!) There will also be quite a few brides relieved to not appear sweaty in wedding photos. Besides tuxedos and waistcoats were not made for the summer months so your groomsmen will also be very grateful!